This weekly agenda will provide the upcoming meeting details:

March 26th, 2020 


7:30am-7:45am (Networking)

7:45am-9am (Official Meeting)


  • Facilitator – Jonathan Nicolas(Pettinelli Financial Services)
  • Featured Presenter – Lisa Anter( Enjoy a Better Way – Melaleuca)
  • 1st 3-5 Minute Speaker – John Esplana (Four Bridges Real Estate)
  • 2nd 3-5 Minute Speaker – Jen Cass (Jen Cass Virtual Assistant)

Upcoming Speaker Schedule

 10-minute Speaker |   Week   |   1st 3-5 min Speaker  | 2nd 3-5 min Speaker

      Kathy Faenzi              4/2           Sheeba Varghese      Mitch Williams

     Will Schaub                4/9            Alonso Orellano        Ryan DeLuca


If you are unable to attend this Thursday’s meeting, please notify this week’s Facilitator, Secretary (Mark Allen), or Sergeant-at-Arms (Rob Hoelper).


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