This weekly agenda will provide the upcoming meeting details:

October 14, 2021

WE ARE MEETING ON ZOOM –  find the link in your email or on Slack

7:30am-7:45am (Networking)

7:45am-9am (Official Meeting)


  • Greeter – Vivian Stiasnny
  • Facilitator – Kelly Scott
  • Featured Speaker – Sonia Romero
  • 1st 3-5 min Speaker – Amber Doyle
  • 2nd 3-5 min Speaker –  Rob Hoelper

Upcoming Speaker Schedule

 Week   |     10-minute Speaker |    1st 3-5 min Speaker    |   2nd 3-5 min Speaker

10/14        Pamela Bobowski         Tyler Huffman                 Carey Gorgolinski

Note: All Meetings will be on Zoom until COVID Safety Protocols allow for in-person and/or hybrid

If you are unable to attend this Thursday’s meeting, please notify the Sergeant-at-Arms (Tyler Huffman), Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms (Anderson Lam), and the Secretary (Tyce Fields).


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