This weekly agenda will provide the meeting time, location as well as who will be presenting.

March 21, 2019

Meeting Location – Total Wines & More 2250 Bridgepoint Pkwy Foster City, CA


  • Facilitator – Sheeba Varghese (Coach Sheeba)
  • Featured Presenter: Lauren Jeong (Lauren Jeong Esthetics)
  • 1st 3-5 Minute Speaker – Chantel Fitting (Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos)
  • 2nd 3-5 Minute Speaker – Jonathan Nicolas (Pettinelli Financial Partners)

Upcoming Speaker Schedule

10-minute Speaker |   Week   |   1st 3-5 min Speaker  | 2nd 3-5 min Speaker

John Zialcita              03/28/19          Carey Gorgolinski         Ryan De Luca

Kathy Faenzi             03/28/19           Jovanni Casaus             Rob Hoelper                


If you are unable to attend this Thursday’s meeting, please notify this week’s facilitator, Secretary Vanessa Ragains and Sergeant-at-Arms Dave Toole so we don’t worry.