Dr. Anthony Kinslow II

Dr. Anthony Kinslow II – Founder/CEO

Gemini Energy Solutions

Dr. Anthony Kinslow II purpose in life is making a meaningful impact toward mitigating global warming. Over the last decade he has worked toward that goal through researching, implementing, and educating on energy efficiency. Anthony argues that without engagement and education of marginalized communities we will be unsuccessful in preventing the most devastating effects of climate change. As Founder and CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions (Gemini), Anthony has created a vehicle to engage, educate, and energize underrepresented minority communities and the underserved small commercial building market in energy efficiency. Through Anthony’s leadership, Gemini is working to implement strategies for overcoming cultural and socio-economic barriers that are preventing the vast majority of Americans from being aware and/or engaged in energy efficiency. Gemini, operating nationwide, also partners with municipalities – such as San Francisco International Airport and Memphis, TN – to support their efforts to meet their climate change goals and increase economic resiliency through energy efficiency.

Born in Nashville, TN and raised in Baltimore, MD; Anthony holds a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and a M.S. in Sustainable Design and Construction from Stanford. Anthony earned his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University. He created an improved way to remotely identify energy efficiency measures in single-family homes.  While at Stanford, in addition to his research, Anthony held the elected position of President of the Black Graduate Student Association.

Anthony has lived in Australia, United Arab Emirates, and multiple different U.S. states. Anthony currently resides in Foster City, CA and enjoys mentoring, playing soccer and basketball, jigsaw puzzles with his wife Maria (another Stanford PhD), and reading Fantasy and Science Fiction books.

Phone: 410.812.5566
Email:  akinslow2@geminiesolutions.com
URL: www.geminiEsolutions.com

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