Dr. Scott Nissenbaum

Scott Nissenbaum, DC, ART

Dr. Scott Nissenbaum Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Nissenbaum’s mission is to help people reduce their pain and improve their health through chiropractic care. The purpose is to find the underlying cause of pain and misfunction in the body for musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr. Nissenbaum and his associate, Dr. Timothy Woo, DC, ART, offer traditional chiropractic treatments as well as Active Release Therapy (ART), a soft-tissue movement-based massage technique.

Chiropractic Adjustments gently adjust misaligned bones back into place, relieving pressure and inflammation to our joints. 

ART relieves tight and spasmed muscles, all of which connect to our bones and joints, helping keep them in place once they’re adjusted.  ART helps prevent bones & joints from being repeatedly pulled out of place due to overuse or injury.

Contact Dr. Nissenbaum’s downtown San Carlos office by phone or email to schedule a one-hour New Patient Visit with Dr. Scott (aka Dr. Niss) or Dr. Tim. After an exam and review of a patient’s health history, your doctor will develop a personalized treatment strategy with the goal of eliminating chronic pain or discomfort.

If you wish to look and the schedule online ~ and book your own appointments ~ go to the Schedulicity website or use the mobile app. Look for Dr. Scott Nissenbaum Chiropractic.

Fun Fact:  Dr. Scott Nissenbaum Chiropractic is a Certified Green Business.

Phone: 650.226.8348
Email: office@drniss.com
URL: www.DrNiss.com

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