Jovanni Casaus

Jovanni Casaus, Business Owner

Photography by Jovanni

Headshot Photographer. Do you know it only takes 40 milliseconds for someone to judge whether you look trustworthy or not? To give you an idea of how fast that is it’s faster than you blink. So before you’ve even blinked someone has judged your level of trustworthiness just from a single photo. As a professional, business owner or an entrepreneur trust is your biggest asset. If your headshot is sending the message of being untrustworthy you are missing out on tremendous opportunities. At Photography By Jovanni we specialize in capturing the real authentic you. Not the awkward unphotogenic you. We make each session as quick, fun, easy and painless as possible. So when you need a new or updated headshot that puts you in the best light call Photography By Jovanni where we put you ahead of the competition.

Phone: 650.458.7512

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