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Laurie Keit, Seasonal Celebrations

Laurie Keit, Creative Director and Owner

Seasonal Celebrations Designs

Laurie Keit, an experienced floral designer, is teaching people how to grow their own organic produce three times faster, using 98 percent less water, with no soil or weeds, using aeroponic technology. With this new system, one can get 30 percent more yield for less than half the cost of buying organic produce. Laurie’s passion for plants, animals and the environment shows through her work, and she is excited to guide new buyers through the produce-growing process.

Since 2001, she has been designing gardens and landscapes in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties from the soil up. Projects include The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, Children’s PlayGarden in Pacifica, the City of Pacifica Mildred Owen Memorial Garden (formally recognized by the California State Legislature) and numerous residential projects throughout the region. Laurie has been a certified Master Composter in San Mateo County since 2008. 

Increase the nutrition and flavor of your produce and gain independence from the commercial food chain by growing your own produce the fun, fast and easy way. 

Phone: (650) 722-0091

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