Laurie KEIT

Laurie Keit, Seasonal Celebrations

Laurie Keit, Creative Director and Owner

Seasonal Celebrations Designs

Laurie Keit has been designing residential gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001, with a focus on San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. She offers hourly consulting, plant lists, consulting reports and CAD services. She began studying soil biology in 2002 and has been a Master Composter for the County of San Mateo since 2014. Concerns about food safety and shortages from Covid-19 prompted her to begin helping people how to grow their own organic produce using Aeroponic technology, which she believes will be the future of growing. This technology allow you to grow 20 or more plants in less than 3′ of space, indoors or out, grow 3x faster, get 30% more yield and saves 98% of water used in traditional gardening. With temperatures rising and California’s rainfall levels dropping, this offers a valuable and viable alternative to in-soil gardens. Please reach out to learn more.

Phone: (650) 722-0091

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