Lora Curran

Lora Curran, Customer Support and Business Development

Melaleuca – The Wellness Company

From expression of personal taste to career and business advancement decisions, Lora has over 25 years of experience helping customers, clients, and partners discover options and make great choices for their current needs and long-term goals.

Partnered with this established Wellness Company and working with an amazing team, I feel truly fortunate to be in the business of helping people improve their health and welfare. For several years, while working in other industries, I was simply a customer who loved Melaleuca products and enjoyed peace of mind knowing they were without harsh chemicals. This meant a lot to me. Now, I help people enjoy the same peace of mind and convenience when they discover an amazing store full of safer, more effective options for products they and their families are exposed to every day. Helping people with their wellness goals and supporting the environment at the same time is a win-win-win.

Phone: (408) 410-4936
Email: lora@curran.net
URL:  Melaleuca.com/loracurran

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