Pauline Cheung

Pauline Cheung, Chocolatier

The Cocoa Exchange

Pauline Cheung is a Founding Curator with The Cocoa Exchange (formerly a Chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries). The Cocoa Exchange is a part of Mars Wrigley Confectionery Inc. and offers 4 exclusive lines of premium products: Signature, Pure Dark, Pod & Bean and Vitalize. Pauline conducts Chocolate Tasting Experiences guiding you from ‘cocktails to dessert’ showcasing a variety of products including Chocolate Martinis, savory dishes, and dessert with several chocolate samplings sprinkled in throughout the experience. She enjoys creating and sharing recipes and giving away chocolate to her hosts and guests. The Cocoa Exchange offers year-round Gifting Programs as well as Fundraising Programs. If you’re looking for a unique experience or gift, contact Pauline or visit her website.

Phone: 650.224.6609

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