Vivian Stiassny

Vivian Stiassny – Small Business Strategy Counselor

V Strategic

Vivian serves a as a catalyst for emerging and new entrepreneurs and their companies. Encouraging, supportive and above all a facilitator at heart, Vivian combines the formal principals of business planning and management with the preparation and accountability of coaching. This mixture is a fantastic combination for attaining significant results by empowering clients to apply the fundamentals of business to strategically start and grow their companies.

After many years working in various positions within the chemicals, biotech and biopharma industries, Vivian joined the world of small business ownership as a franchise consultant. She connected with many individuals who were interested in business ownership but did not know what it meant to be a business owner. She was then inspired to combine her corporate experience with lessons learned from her own entrepreneurial pursuits in order to focus on assisting individuals aspiring to be a small business owner or emerging small businesses that need some direction.

Vivian’s clients receive counsel and guidance to reach clarity about their goals and objectives in building their businesses. She can become their greatest cheerleader yet, at the same time, challenges them to research and validate assumptions. She creates rapport based on reasonableness, honesty, accountability and balance.

Vivian believes success happens when a client aligns their business with what they want to achieve and forms a plan to get there; when they take some of the passion they have for their product/service and transform it into a passion for working on the business!

Phone: 650.636.4285

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